UgenTec Jobs

Our methods

Innovative. High tech.
At UgenTec, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way laboratories operate. To do so, we deploy the newest tools, technologies & ways of working. This, in combination with our mindset, is what sets us apart from the next company.

Our values

Open. To the point.
We value open communication and live by it. Problems are faced and handled as fast as possible. We avoid corporate office politics at any given time. This provides us with the possibility to put all our efforts into a great product.

Our culture

UgenTec stands for a stimulating startup atmosphere where you can grow your capabilities in an open and no-nonsense company culture. We want you to do the work you feel great at, or that you would like to become great at. We especially pay attention to keeping up our open communication even as we grow, with the natural desire to exchange views and ideas within our team.

Current Job Openings @ UgenTec