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Recently awarded the “European app of the Year”, Silverfin is growing, fast. We’re on the lookout for talented people whose ambition matches our own. If you fit the profile of any of the jobs below and want to work in a friendly. inclusive and welcoming environment then we want to hear from you.

In 2013, Joris, an accountant frustrated by cumbersome and outdated applications like Excel, joined forces with Tim, a developer obsessed with user experience, and Silverfin was founded. In just three short years Silverfin has developed into an award winning platform, with numerous accounting software suites connected to more than 45,000 companies.

How Silverfin is revolutionising accounting

Think of how you currently manage all your clients’ accounts.

Now imagine you had all these benefits of Silverfin to add to your service offering……


Centralise how you work with data from various sources. Eliminate bottlenecks and seamlessly integrate data sets from accounting, crm and cms software packages.


Give clients, shareholders and stakeholders instantaneous access to accurate, up to date and customised reporting tools and documentation, branded in your individual and bespoke visual identity.

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When data changes at source, see how the impact is recalculated in a heartbeat. No more manual copy-paste across accountancy software and Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc.


The user-friendly platform employs simple drag & drop and commenting principles. Workflows, reports, styles… everything is fully customisable to reflect your unique way of working.


Enjoy project-based communication. Add comments and documentation links everywhere in the platform, and directly notify the relevant party to review and respond.

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